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A delicacy is any food that is unique to the area it comes from. Delicacies are often rare foods that are hard to get hold of or prepare. As a result, they may only be served on special occasions.

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Often the rarity and the complexity to prepare such dishes are very expensive compared to other local foods. Delicacies come from all over the world. Some may not sound appetizing at all, but they are somewhere out there!

A balut dish comes from Cambodia. It is a fertilized duck egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside. It is boiled and eaten with the shell still on it. Another delicacy of Cambodia is fried spiders. They are a daily part of their diet. The people of Cambodia breed spiders to keep the supply available. The spiders are fried in oil.

In Canada, a fiddlehead fern refers to either a young fern or to the top of immature fronds that appear curled. Fiddlehead unrolls, as the fern get older and grows due to more development on the inside of the curl. The fiddle head of many fern are cooked like a green vegetable

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Species such as the octopus are eaten as a delicacy in cultures around the world. Octopus is a common ingredient in sushi. Some smaller species of octopus are eaten alive in some parts of the world.

The internet makes obtaining ingredients for such delacacies very easy. Some items have custom regulations because of issues of importing certain products. It is important that you follow any such requirements when ordering online. The internet also offers a full range of recipes for delicacies and walks you through how to properly make them.

Delicacies from all around the world continue to fascinate us. Some people make a hobby out of trying new deliacacies, either that they make or that they buy elsewhere. You never know, what sounds absolutely disgusting just might turn out to be the very best food you have ever tasted!

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